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Castles Made of Sand…

July 31, 2008

fall into the sea, eventually.  Jimi Hendrix said it best.

I’ve been building a castle.  Of fantasy, conjecture and hope based on recalling a truly repressed memory.  Yeah, definitely not the best foundation on which to build my castle.  I learn and I live and I experience.

What I’ve learned is that a closed heart causes more harm to all involved and creates more pain than necessary for the body holding the heart.

What I’ve learned is that opening a closed heart is even more painful than keeping it closed.

I am opening my heart and I’m not building anymore castles, not with sand, not with bricks either.

I don’t want castles.  I want…

Well, I’m still not sure what I want.  I know that what I have is a castle, crumbling and a heart opening.

I’ll leave you with Jimi


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