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Remember The Date

February 21, 2008

There are movements in most everyone’s life that they remember.  Movement and transition, from and to.  Others remember those pivotal dates in their lives of birth and death, marriage and enlightenment.

I don’t.

I used to think that made me bad, not to remember the day my mother was born or my father or grandmother or the day my great-grandmother passed away or one of my best friends.  I don’t recall any of these dates.  My mother does.  My grandmother remembers the date she had the first, second and third car accidents.

My mother remembers the dates that people pass away and celebrates those days, I hope it’s in celebration of their memory, but she doesn’t talk about it, so I have no way of really knowing.

I don’t remember the dates of important events in my life.  I would just a soon forget my birthday, only those closest to me won’t, so I can’t.  I mark time in a different way.  I remember the chill in the air, the fresh cut spring grass, snow on the ground, the aubergine color of fall leaves.

That is how I remember.  Yet, the ones marking time on the calender, recalling and reminiscing, get mad at me, because I forgot.  It pains them that I don’t remember.  It makes them believe that I don’t care.  It shames me, to know that I’ve forgotten, again.

This is an ongoing saga in which I have tried calenders, online, digital reminders, written pocketbook calenders, day planners and even Blue Mountain, to send me the notice to “Remember the Date”.

It doesn’t work very well.  I forget to update the written calenders, manually move the information from year to year.  I change computers, delete software, lose day planners, trash PDA’s.  I will no longer keep fighting this lack of remembering.

I’m looking for a card, which can be sent anytime and covers any and every occasion.  It must be funny and work well with the idea of “I am thinking of you and I don’t remember if I missed your birthday or not”, but this card is for you none-the-less.

I remember the laughter and joy of the crowd as the couple kissed and as they danced their first dance.  I just don’t remember what day it was.

  1. February 22, 2008 9:04 pm

    Wanna hear something strange? I never remember how old I am. Ever. John always has to tell me.

  2. Ria Ludy permalink*
    February 23, 2008 10:18 am

    I have always had to stop and think about how old I am and then of course I am accused of not wanting to tell my age, because I have to think about it for a minute.

  3. Peter(NL) permalink
    February 26, 2008 11:54 am

    I was terrible with dates but have managed with simply using outlook. Now it’s like I remember all of them, it makes me look good. If you use Google Calendar or anyother online tool – there’s no real reason not to remind dates, it takes minimal effort really. If you have an emailaddress you can get it to send you reminders. “I want Sandy” the virtual assistent is another free website service that can do that. You can even have automated and scheduled cards be sent at the push of a button.

    Despite the suggestions here, you can also simply resign to the fact you are going to forget many important dates, instead, why not send cards and presents on random days – these are more fun anyway. And let your friends and family know you just suck at dates (uhmm that was a bad pun:)).

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