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Taking a Scary Action…

December 1, 2007

That turns out completely differently than I originally thought it would.

There are some things that we do on a whim and others we contemplate and contemplate and pontificate and study and just never get around to doing. Ok that’s probably just me for the most part and since I don’t have any real excuses as to why I shouldn’t do something I use that. Sometimes these things are not good ideas and sometimes they turn out to be strokes of genius.

NNNyway, I entered a contest, or at least I thought I entered a contest for PUMA fragrances. If there is one thing I know about me is that I can get something done, if the goal is clear and compelling enough.

Only I missed something somewhere because the video is NOT showing up under the PUMA contest over at you tube. It’s too late for me to enter now, since voting has started.  [Edit: Turns out I was again hasty and the video IS there, in the PUMA Fragrances contest, at YouTube, ready for you to vote on it.]

First go to YouTube (clicking that link will take you directly to the I’m Going PUMA video contest).  You will be asked to log-in before you can vote.  Then vote for my video and/or any of the other videos you really like.

You can still see the video below.

Deep down hidden away in me, in all of us, there is potential. I know this. I am on the journey of accessing it.

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