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OMG, I Just Heard That…

November 28, 2007

F: Hey I just heard D talking about U and C
M: what did she say…I swear..
F: Well I don’t, I can’t believe she said…
M: she’s been spilling a lot lately…
F: well is it true? Is he into meat?
M: I don’t think it’s my business, it’s his choice
F: awe come on you know if it’s true or not
M: well, I don’t know he might not like it, me telling his business
F: Oh come on, you guys r 2gether right
M: Yeah, what did D say…
F: She said something about tossed salad…
M: Huh tossed salad, I don’t know what u, what she means

F: Well is he gay?
M: WHATTTT OMG, I was talking to P when D must have overheard me say, that C asked for salad, tossed lightly with Asian Sesame Ginger Dressing and how here I was thinking he was more of a meat man and how people change when you stop expecting them to change…

That is how rumors get started. It’s usually because we are not paying attention to what we are ourselves are doing with lives, our love, our business or our family and friends and we proceed to jump to conclusions. We need drama, crave excitement, want to live in fantasy. I blame soap operas.

And I am as guilty as the next guy, yet somehow over the last couple of years I have also become much more sensitive along with attentive to the context and communication in which I am fully involved and not the ones I am peripherally overhearing. This takes dedication and commitment because it’s easy to jump to conclusions. We look for things that make us feel better about ourselves, our own shortcomings or own missed or missing dreams and life fulfillment. Our minds fill in the blanks because nature abhors a vacuum.

Yet, it is fun to get into someones head and imagine what you think they are imagining, feeling, or even really thinking and saying and reading between the lines of the words they are using. We are not always good with words. Our words don’t always mean what we want them to mean and not surprisingly we don’t always say what we mean to say with our words. I blame the tower of babel for that.

There is a board game it’s called, hmm, I don’t seem to recall the name of the board game, but I’ve played it with people, people I have only met once but which I had heard lots about before meeting them. I played it and lost. Yet, we keep playing the rumour game. A lot gets lost in translation, including friendships. I’d rather just play the board game because at least we can put those pieces away without any guilt.

Now I’ve gotta go find out the name of that game.

Note: I fumbled my way to Julie Pippert: Using My Word the Hump Day Hmm Hostess. This is my contribution the Hump Day hmms, since there is no reason to stay maudlin all the damn time.

There is also reference in the original article to “The Mating Mind” by Geoffrey Miller which I found over at Amazon and an online version. (That’s the third time in less than a month that this book has played a part in something I’ve been reading. Coincidence? Not likely.)

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  1. November 28, 2007 10:13 pm

    I like the game metaphor, and it’s so true that we fill in the blanks…and create trouble.

    So straightforward and clever…so true.

    Thanks for participating!

    Using My Words

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