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My Instincts Are On

November 25, 2007

I mean earlier this week I was thinking and journaling and listening the thoughts that pop up when I am centering as that’s what journaling does for me…so anyway I recognize a word and it shows up several times while journaling it shows up in my writing and misspellings etc and the word is Sunday.

Just a little background – my dogs and I do a lot of walking around this little part of the country I live in. We mainly walk through the woods and explore nature. I explore nature, they roll around in the stinkiest wettest parts of it. In all this exploring I have never actually seen a live four legged wild animal. It’s amazing. I’ve seen birds, lots and lots of birds. So at any rate I was asking a question in my journal and the answer as I said turned out to be Sunday.

Today we go for our walk, I’m a little late getting us out and not 100 feet from my house on the main road I see a long tail deer and young buck. He’s just off in the woods eating something I am sure. I know it was a buck because the does would still have their young with them. I laugh out loud telling the universe thanks – I did see my young buck – that’s funny and I keep walking. Not 25 more feet away I see a either a hawk or an owl take off out of a tree. Now mind you I say I’ve seen birds, but never a predator besides the ravens that are prevalent lately. It was completely silent in it’s take off. I would have missed it completely had I not just been looking at my young buck.

I say all this because I know that the universe answers, if we ask the questions and watch and listen for the answers.

Anyway, I come back in and somehow navigate my way to this….

If the video isn’t showing check it out here

So how does all this relate? The question to the universe was would I see my fantasy man again, did I mess it up with one of my mini me moments?  This man has complimented my ears, twice.  The answer to these questions was Sunday. Now in my mind I didn’t really expect to see him, the physical manifestation of him with his sea foam green eyes and reddish brown hair. What I did see was a young buck, alone in the woods and just for confirmation that the universe was answering my question, I was privy to a bird of prey, silently leaving it’s perch.  The above video is just a reminder that time, patience and money are required for what I want.  It’s also a reminder that I did spend some time alone with this man.  It wasn’t a lot of time but it was enough.  We did have conversation.  He is real.

I know these all seem like huge chasms across which I am leaping, only they aren’t. Could all this be interpreted in a different way, sure. Yet, I believe in magic. Don’t you?


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