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MyHappyPlanet and Language Learning

November 8, 2007

May 2, 2008 – Just a quick update: MyHappyPlanet registration (clicking that link will take you straight to the registration page) is open to all now even though it is still in beta. There are some really great new features that I haven’t had time to explore fully like video lessons. Isn’t it time to learn a new word in your favorite language tout les jour (everyday).  Bonne chance.

I just became a member of MyHappyPlanet. This is in an effort to learn French without the grammer drills that turned me off to the language in college. It looks like the site is closed, except to beta testers, but if you really want in, try this post on Tim Ferris’ Blog. The link is near the bottom, but the post is worth reading and applying if you REALLY want to learn a language.

It is so much more fun to learn a language from using it than it is to be stuck in a classroom pretending. I’ve got some living in me yet.

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  1. July 18, 2008 10:43 pm

    Hi there! This is Kimberley Ong, Community Manager at MyHappyPlanet.

    I hope you’re having fun at MyHappyPlanet and finding the site useful for improving your French. I’m a French learner at MyHappyPlanet myself and have come across so many French-speaking language buddies since I became part of this community. It’s fantastic!

    Just letting everyone know that MyHappyPlanet is now accessible to the public. Anyone can sign up to MyHappyPlanet for free! 🙂

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