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My Heart Bleeds

November 4, 2007

Sometimes I become too involved and I wear my heart on my sleeve and I hurt.  Tonight though I hurt for another.

I heard a thump and then 2 seconds of silence and then the yowl of pain.  I grabbed my fleece and went running outside immediately.  There were three cars and one turning around asking me if I knew the owner of a small dog.

Unfortunately I did and so I headed in the direction of their home to inform them that their dog had been hit.

Turns out the owners knew and were on their way out with a plastic bag to wrap the lifeless body up.  Only they were hasty, the dog was hit but not dead and he had been carefully removed from the road.

I walked the daughter back to the house where the dog had been taken and I now wish that I didn’t live with my parents, that I  had some access to fast cash and that I had never made the short walk to let this dogs owners know it was alive.

I gingerly carried the dog back to the owners house as the daughter was too busy talking on the cell phone to attempt picking the dog up.  I patiently waited until the daughter brought out the dogs crate and gently placed him into padded area.  I suggested half a baby aspirin and gave the name of my vet hospital.  The mother politely said, we won’t be doing that it costs too much.  I guess we will just have him put down.

The dog is maybe three years old.  It is appears to be a bison-frieisse / cocker mix and has a broken leg.  I felt the belly and the hind quarters, there didn’t appear to be any other broken bones and the dog did not show any pain until I gingerly touched his right rear leg.

I really want to go take this dog from these people, but I don’t have the right to do so, nor do I have the money to care for it.  That makes me absolutely sad on so many levels.


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